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Julie Collis

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Royal  28 July -13 August 2014

Artist Statement:
Julie Collis received training in jewellery and textile design but has worked across a range of media including glass and ceramics. 

Collis’ most recent work has been slip casting delicate bone china pieces, playing with the look of materials like crumpled or folded plastic and paper. In reproducing these everyday materials in the very precious translucent bone china, the objects’ significance changes from a ‘throw away object’ to one of beauty. For the series, Collis gave herself the design brief to work within the parameters of an A4 sheet of paper, manipulating the A4 sheet to make bowls, plate, and beakers. 

An interest in textiles has been a constant theme across Collis’s work. The large collection of linen and crochet pieces that she inherited from her Grandmother and Mother are a constant inspiration. “It is the small domestic pieces and their materials, evidence of women’s lives and activities that really interests me” says Collis.

In recent years Collis has also experimented with glass, using various techniques including screen printing and delicately hand-painting directly onto the glass surface.