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Sandra Black

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Sandra Black is one of Australia's foremost ceramic artists, creating porcelain vessels recognised for their small scale and intricately carved and pierced surfaces. Black has explored the material's character through throwing, hand building and casting techniques, and its ability to transfer light through carving and piercing. She was initially attracted to the translucency and hardness of porcelain, and the fine surface it provided for carving and piercing. The purity of the medium added to its appeal, allowing her to infuse her pieces with a presence that she had not achieved using other clay.

Black's work has a delicate quality, more akin with intricate lace or crochet than ceramic vessels. Its intimate scale enhances this feeling, resulting in work that departs from tradition and prompts a new way of considering the medium.

Black began practicing in the mid 1970s, in 1975 taking up a part-time lecturing position at the Western Australian Institute of Technology. Since them she has continued this involvement with art education, lecturing in institutions and workshops throughout Australia and also in New Zealand. She has been exhibited widely in the context of dealer galleries, selected and curated exhibitions and with public institutions. On several occasions her work has been featured in the New Zealand Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, winning the award outright in 1988 and receiving a merit award in 1989. She has also been the recipient of many Australian funding endowments, and her work is held in major ceramics collections in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.