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+64 9 373 5446
71 Upper Queen Street, Newton

Joanna Campbell

Joanna's varied collections range from wearable production pieces to elaborate exhibition works.
Her jewellery is based on a love of design combined with an innovative craft-based practice.
Underpinning her work is a fascination with textiles, and an enthusiasm for making metal more
fabric-like in all its iterations: the study of the drape of a grosgrain ribbon; the ability of anodised
aluminium to absorb dye like silk; or making strings of sequins out of gold and silver. Joanna has
an extensive collection of rare and exquisite antique lace from all over the world—some pieces
over 100 years old— which she incorporates directly in her jewellery, or uses to emboss the
surface of the metal.
Mainly working with hallmarked sterling silver and 18 carat gold, she explores the colour
possibilities of these materials by oxidizing silver and adding high carat gold to a base of sterling
silver. Copper and copper alloys—Shakudo and Shibuichi—are also combined with gold and silver
plating to create interesting colour combinations. In a further investigation of colour, Joanna is
currently experimenting with anodised and dyed aluminium.
Joanna works from her studio in the Waitakere's — Auckland, New Zealand — and welcomes
commissions and special orders.