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71 Upper Queen Street, Newton

Kate Barton

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Jewellery Box Kate Barton, 6 - 23 July 2014


Kate Barton completed her Bachelor of Design (honours) majoring in 3D jewellery in 2006.

Barton's work investigates ideas of coding and patterns, often using Morse code to relay simple messages in complicated form. Her intricate works can conceal a message of surprising banality; 'Oh, it's just a pattern', 'What does this mean?' or 'I'm not sure'.

Barton's beaded necklaces and brooches are created after much careful planning on graph paper and maquette trials. Recently Barton has begun to experiment with the use of paper in her finished works, transforming what would have been maquettes into dramatic coloured brooches held taut with sterling silver wire.

To view exhibition works click on the following shows:

Jewellery Box Kate Barton 6 - 23 July 2014