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Tom Mason

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exhibition images:
Tom Mason: Jewellery Box: 16 October - 15 November 2016

Tom Mason is an Auckland based jeweller. His training has taken the form of an immersion in the studio practice of his highly respected artisan father Paul Mason who has a well developed reputation for superb craftsmanship in wood, bone, shell and metal, and often incorporating precious resources such as ebony, hardwoods, jade and precious stones. These materials and techniques are in evidence in Tom’s own unique,  highly refined pendants.

Artist Statement

For this work I have used materials which were primarily left lying about my father’s workshop. Growing up in such surroundings becoming a maker has been a natural progression. Years of observation have taught me an immense appreciation for materials and form. 

What I am doing is giving the materials life once again, by letting them interact with one another in the forms I make out of them.

The work is my words, I let the materials and how they relate, speak .They play off one another and talk for me. The conversation can be different depending on who is willing to engage.

Sometime the ideas come first and right materials are found, other times through the play of materials I let them speak. The conversation will hopefully continue throughout its life as a piece of jewellery.