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+64 9 373 5446
71 Upper Queen Street, Newton

Trevor Byron

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Trevor Byron's work is infused with a sense of fun and imagination. His fairytale brooches show a lock of Rapunzel's hair escaping from her tower, or a beanstalk dwarfing buildings. The three dimensional aspect of his work is enchanting, and captures the subject matter in its own reality

Although he primarily works in silver, Trevor is always adventurous when it comes to mixed media. He experiments with found objects and other unusual materials, the most popular of which have been his fur brooches. They were prompted by the theme "What's Eating Our Forests?" and included wild pest pelts such as rabbit, possum and goat. In most cases the material was recycled from garments, soft toys and floor coverings.

Trevor has a Diploma in Craft Design and has recently completed a Manufacturing Jewellers Trade Certificate. He has been making jewellery since 1992.