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71 Upper Queen Street, Newton

Terence Turner

Tainui, McLeod

Terence has always made things; using object and physical form as a language to communicate story. He creates by deriving a core concept from an abstraction, leaving the observer to join their own dots, thus touching on the universal longing for identity, connection and culture. Terence enjoys the capacity of certain objects to speak for themselves, via medium, form, and personal reference; and to hold their own place in time and culture. In his work with pounamu, Terence seeks to explore the fluid importance of the stone. The diverse and changing tikanga and oral traditions around the stone, as well as the stories behind each piece of rock, give it a life of it's own that can be honored and reflected in his carving.

Terence's work explores the universal human desires for collection and connection. History's many examples of the collection of body parts, and the dehumanization of indigenous bodies, become an evocative lense through which to explore humanity's obsession with material possession, in an increasingly demoralizing society, deeply disconnected from its cultural roots.

Terence has been working as a professional sculptor within the film and conceptual arts industry for fifteen years. He was Highly Commended in the New Zealand Jade Artists’ Society biennial carving competition in 2014. In 2015 he was invited by the Suzhou City Jade Carving Association to exhibit at the Zi Gang Bei exhibition in Suzhou, China, and was awarded a bronze medal. Tere lives and works in Wellington, Aotearoa, carving jade sourced both locally and internationally.