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Kate Fitzharris 'This Unconquerable World' 26 Nov - 23 Dec 2017


Run - Kate Fitzharris (ceramic, linen, thread)

This Unconquerable World - Kate Fitzharris
26 November - 23 December 2017

This Unconquerable World sees the return of textiles to Kate's figures as she uses them to navigate and understand the world we live in.

This Unconquerable World 

'I’m always thinking in stories, make believe and true - being surrounded by this immense world and remembering; part sheela-na-gig ancestral heritage, part childhood toys, part my mother’s and grandmothers’ handiwork. Part surrender and part determination. 

I’m always thinking about how we fit into this world, how we are such a small part of something bigger. 

The long history of any piece of clay, come from giant mountains, worn down to tiny particles, made malleable by their journey when they come together in a community of others. Smoothed, touched, shaped and fired to red-hot and beyond. 

I wanted to return to sewing – combining the soft with the hard, the clean and the dirty, the plant and the mineral, the different ways of working with materials, the myriad of touch. 

How we might place ourselves within histories but also imagining the future within the elements.

I started making lots of small parts – abstracted shapes that come together and I couldn’t help but make faces, making some sort of order, something familiar to find empathy with; creating these dress ups, how clay dresses itself up, how we dress up our experiences, shaping stories and meaning within our lives, trying to make sense of the ever-changing world around us that we are part of but cannot quite pin down and control, but surrender to the wonderful unconquerable world.' - Kate Fitzharris, 2017