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Unmonumental Fever - excavating the everyday - Vanessa Arthur 3 - 23 August 2016

Vanessa Arthur
unmonumental fever - excavating the everyday
3 - 23 August 2016

This will be Vanessa Arthur's first solo exhibition since her participation finished in Handshake 2, a mentoring project run by Wellington jeweller Peter Deckers. The support of such a project and her mentor David Neale (Australia) has enabled Vanessa to solidify who she is as a maker and led to the evolution of her current series of objects for jewellery. Vanessa's voice is an exciting combination of an urban aesthetic with a painterly touch. 

Unmonumental Fever - excavating the everyday.

‘I excavate small moments in time, capturing these through the jewellery and objects I make. 

The often overlooked elements within the streetscape are my muse: buffed walls, wet cement scrawling, fragments and objects left behind in the rush. 

An exploration of the marks we make and the mark we make. 

The biography of these objects, materials and spaces are what interests me. 
Uncovering the mostly anonymous and constantly evolving stories they collect.’
Vanessa Arthur, July 2016 

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