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Aaron Scythe - A progressive reversal A to Ω 20 June - 18 July 2020

A progressive reversal  A to Ω 
Aaron Scythe
20 June - 18 July 2020

'When beginning work on a new exhibition, I’m looking to form a new idea, a new conversation.
Yet, I still feel I have more to say with this idea of kintsugi.
More refinement, more movement. Perhaps this conversation will continue until I have stopped making.
But what is the basis of kintsugi? ...shards of other broken works pieced together, the art of mending.
While remaining works in their own right…. a simpler aesthetic.
Thus, a new conversation can begin. What were the pots like that make up my kintsugi pieces? 
A reversal ...moving backwards in thought to what was before pieces are fused together.
This kintsugi of mine. 
Three types of works ...stoneware, porcelain and the conception (kintsugi).'