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Christine Thacker 'Anthroposcenery' - 25 July - 15 August 2020

Christine Thacker
25 July - 15 August 2020

The title 'anthroposcenery' is an invented word  combining thoughts about human impact and the natural world and tells that all the pictures on these wall tiles and jugs are fabrications, as in the always altering outlooks around us.

It is interesting to me that the unreal landscapes painted on clay here will never change, even as shards, while what we see as real out there in the landscape will never remain the same.

When starting out to make these forms I am thinking only about the technical prospects and have no ideas at all about what the images might be or what the brush might do, except, for this exhibition, the proposition of landscape.

I was captured very early on by the depiction of things on pottery and here I go again adding to the plenitude.
Christine Thacker, 2020

Join Christine to celebrate the exhibition on Saturday 25th July from 1-4pm.
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