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Emma Camden 'Void' - 25 July - 15 August 2020

Emma Camden
25 July - 15 August 2020

In Emma Camden’s latest series her architectural forms are transformed through the lens of our turbulent and uncertain times. They convey strength as well as tension. Emma’s career has continued to explore her desire to understand life and the possibilities beyond. As a lifelong history buff, Emma’s interest is centred on architecture; Architecture in the form of edifices and monuments humans create in an attempt to make sense of not only their existence but also as memorials to themselves, Egyptian pyramids and triumphal arches are favourites.
These structures inform Emma’s sculptural forms and question life and what it is beyond. The age-old question of ‘What is next?’ carries new weight in this current climate.
While tackling these big themes Emma’s work is not foreboding. Her knowledge and skills in the manipulation of light through glass are masterful. Her use of line, angles, and voids in her geometric sculptural exploration of form give her works a sense of hope. These forms are duplicitous in their ability to convey calm and chaos simultaneously. A universal struggle that transcends any location.

Join Emma to celebrate the exhibition on Saturday 25th July from 1-4pm.
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