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MODIFIED for display - Victoria McIntosh & Kelly McDonald - 17 October - 14 November 2020

MODIFIED for display
Victoria McIntosh and Kelly McDonald
17 October - 14 November 2020
opening Saturday 17 October 1-4pm

for display, takes us inside the world of contemporary jewellers Kelly McDonald and Victoria McIntosh, where the BODY is seen as both site and subject.

“The work of both artists refers to the personal space, and uses mundane objects. All materials are deliberately chosen, not neutral, and cannot be separated from their initial meaning, functionality and symbolic charge. These objects are sawn or cut into pieces, and put together in a different way, telling stories already partly imbedded in them, but augmented or ridiculised, hence I would like to call them fictionalized objects.”

Liesbeth den Besten, September, 2020

Kelly McDonald excavates meaning from discarded domestic and industrial objects, melding the narratives of home, workshop and motherhood to explore both power and gender constructs. 

Victoria McIntosh stitches together contemporary jewellery, sculpture and assemblage. A collector

by nature, she is drawn to found objects that carry a sense of history, whether real or imagined.